• Outdoor Football, Soccer, Baseball, Lawn Bowling Lacrosse, or Multi-purpose Fields
  • Practice Fields
  • Park and Recreation Fields
  • Intramural Fields
  • Batting Cages 
  • Sports Performance Facilities 
  • Tennis and More!
Indoor soccer sports field
Jubilee’s Pro Soccer Turf meets or exceeds FIFA requirements for playing surfaces.
Sports field

Rymar Sport is dedicated to bringing the worlds top products to the synthetic turf market. Our 3D S shaped Durablade Sport turf is a class above the rest. This S shaped yarn gives great durability and rebound for consistent play in our North American climate. Rymar tailors the turf to the application and its everyday use. We treat every installation like a fine suite of armour that is ready for battle on the pitch. 

Face Weight: 42 oz  Standard  / Custom Face Weight Available 
Colour:  Olive / Field Green
Pile Height: 1″ to 2.5″
Infill:  Rubber / Sand / TPE / Zeolite    
Full Roll:  Custom Sizes Available 
Warranty: 8 years 
DPXP sport turfOutdoor Football, Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse, or Multi-purpose Fields, practice facilities, sport performance facilities, tennis and More!

Looking for the very best turf surface for your indoor arena or sports facility? Our new DPXP is powered by the ultra premium Tapeslide XP yarn and comes standard on a 5mm foam backing. 8mm and 10mm foam backing available via custom order.

Face Weight: 48 oz
Backing: 5mm Cushioned Backing
Color: Blend
Pile Height: 3/4″
Extreme Shock Absorption
Custom Sizes Available 
Warranty: 5 years

We can sew on Velcro seams to any foam turf products so the field can be modular and does not have to be a permanent installation. Our field and sport products are all professionally glued or sewn together using the industries leading products.

Colourful sport turf

We can custom order coloured turf for your job upon request. Specifications and details on the product you are looking for varies, so give us a call or fill out out our online form with your request. We can make the turf any size, fibre, length and density you wish.
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