With outdoor playgrounds becoming more prevalent in teaching environments, artificial turf is the perfect solution for outdoor spaces at daycares, schools, Nurseries and Play Areas.

Artificial turf provides the opportunity for children to learn and play in a safe, clean, stimulating environment.

All our products are manufactured with low friction materials that don’t cause grass burns or irritation. Installing artificial turf also reduces exposure to allergies such as Hayfever.

By using fall rated soft-pad under the artificial turf, you can make an environment safe around climbing frames and other areas.

Keep kids safe and have fun doing it!!Synthetic turf makes a great base for playgrounds, preschool yards and more….. 

Playgrounds at daycare
Outdoor private playgrounds
Providence Daycare Calgary
Calgary daycare playground artificial turf project

All three of our playground systems meet or exceed US CPSC and IPEMA guidelines for playground surfacing. Rymar playground surfaces provide the optimum fall height up to 16’.  In keeping with stringent ASTM requirements for playground fall safety, our products come in a variety of thickness and colours to match equipment and personal needs. Below are some options for fall protection for under any of our turfs or tiles.

2" softpad for playgrounds
2″ Softpad
Softpad 1" for playgrounds
1″ Softpad
Sandbox with turf
Before and After turf

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